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"I am making everything new" Revelation 21:5

Our Story

Community. Style. Eco Friendly.


"I’ve always loved expressing myself through personal style but it wasn’t always something I was proud of – so as a teen, I hid my creativeness and attempted to blend in. Standing out got too much attention and a lot of that was negative.

I eventually landed my dream job in retail and began to embrace that creativity once again. After 10+ years in mall retail, I needed a change. Out of desperation (and out of money), I found a job at a thrift store! It was the best job ever!

I learned so much there and decided to combine my love of traditional retail and thrift and create Glover’s Secondhand. I call it a “thriftique” because it’s a hybrid of thrift and boutique.

Soon, we added our Collective where we rent spaces in our shop to showcase LOCAL makers, creators, and curators. Ultimately, I see this business as a ministry that focuses on creating and restoring! We are set apart because of our welcoming and inclusive environment! -Brett Glover (quoted from an article by Nashville Voyager Magazine).

Local Organizations we Support... and how you can too!

"Thrift Love provides an employment platform for those with special needs and/or disabilities to offer their talents to benefit both themselves and their community."

"Offering resources and care for those dealing
with an unplanned pregnancy in a judgement free environment"

"We bring HOPE by giving a voice to the unheard and providing a foster care alternative.
We encourage the body of Christ to follow Jesus’ teaching to care for these children in their communities."

"The Well is a place where the hurting encounter a place that overflows with the love, laughter, grace, and truth of Jesus."

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